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    Miracles of Heaven

    There are wonders of heaven in here! Seek for it, you will be astonished. Pondering, Wondering here 'n there, No revenge, no regrets, just comtetment Need help? Ask Allah for wonders with fair, At a glimpse, you'll realize then. What had happened. There are wonders of heaven in here.❤
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    Islamic parenting.

    Parents should teach their children Islamic principles followed by the etiquette of lives. With the teachings of Prophet ۔ﷺ
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    Madinah 💓

    Beautiful words are uttered with name of Madina Munawara (The lightened city). Our Prophet's ﷺ city.
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    Allah listens. 💞

    He is always there when there is nobody to listen you. He is always around you when you call Him. He will for sure answer your unanswered questions. In Sha Allah.
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    Prostration (sujood)

    Bowing down in sujood is like bowing on his feet. How good this approach is. How healthy your body become when you bend you back, it pulls down the blood to your head, which helps you to be secure from insanity .What a change. Calm situation. Right? That touches the heart, the soul, the mind...
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    Be patient in times of hardships. Everybody in the hustle bustle of this world is suffering some where. Have faith in Allah and be a Sabir.
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    A Muslim

    How lucky is the person who enjoys the favors and life granted by Allah Almighty. How blessed we are to be the part of the Ummah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). ❤ Say Alhumdulillah today and forever. -Alhumdulillah. 💓
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    Talbina : name comes from the Arabic word laban meaning 'yogurt'. Some dried oats, honey, dates and milk mixture which is then become as white as yogurt, soft and yummy. When you add handfull of nuts, its worth eating. Beneficial for the cure of your body weaknesses and mind strengthening and...
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    Purify your 'heart'

    Purify your heart with the rememberance of Allah Almight alone. Allah says in the quran, "Remember me and I will remember you" - Surah Baqarah ; Verse 152. This heart needs relaxation. Hearts also become tired. Give its food to it and that is... dhikar. ✨
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    Companions of the heart 💞

    Companions of the heart, for the soul for the mind. Who is it? The one who encourages you in bitter time, who console your heart, make you fell a treasure for all, a handfull hand. Is this all? No, he was more than that, close to Our Prophet مُحَمَّد ﷺ, showed his position and excellnce to our...
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    Peoples of heaven

    Here I stand, here I'm glad Loo' oh people of paradise! With glittering, humbelness in my heart Here I stand, Here I'm glad Loo' oh people of heaven! With shineness in faces, good hearts speaks; oh you people of jannah, how you came? Twinkling eyes exclaimed.. By coming straight, 'n going not...
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    Love and hatred

    Suppose your kid is ruined by his/her friends. What will you be doing? You will start scolding your child with bad words, so that they feel rebuke deep inside. What will be the result? Hatred! Stop here... He is spoilt right? Deal with him/her with love. Love is the strongest power on Earth...
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    islam Independent Pakistan. ❤

    You're free, you can escape, you are allowed to worship the 'One'. You're not a slave but for the 'One'. You can dream, You can sleep peacefully, You can feel, You are footloose. Oh! What A Country where 'You' live. This is your Pakistan, This is my Pakistan.where you 'n I together, can live...
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    islam Door to Allah

    Have you ever heard of the door to Allah? Most probably , No!. Let me tell you. Loo' oh readers!.The door to Allah is so presious, that showers blessings, that encourages you to do good, found every where, just seek, seek 'n seek. You will be profound. He is more mercyful than you ever heard...