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    The Beautiful Badshahi Mosque In Pakistan

    The Following Pictures will tell you why Visiting Badshahi mosque must be on your bucket list.
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    This Story Made Our Prophet Cry So Much

    Watch what made our prophet cry.
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    Non-Muslim react to Quran

    Watch how these non-Muslims react to quranic recitation.
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    The Story of an Ugly Man

    An Emotional story that will move your heart
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    Commonly Searched Questions About Islam On Google

    Do Muslims celebrate Christmas? No Muslims do not celebrate Christmas. It's not an Islamic thing.
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    This Is How Your Wife In Jannah Will be

    In fact, this life is just a test. The real life would be after death.
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    What are the dead people doing right now in Barzakh?

    Do you ever wonder how is life after death? Watch this video to know about the unseen world.
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    Caught Your Spouse cheating? What to do?

    Watch this video if you are dealing with similar issues.
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    Why Teaching Al-Fatiha To Kids Is Important?

    ﷽ Teach your children Surah Al-Fatiha Imam Samani RA said: After Abu Mansoor Baghdari's death, someone saw him in his dream and asked: What was your matter with Allah? He said: Allah has forgiven me as I taught my kids Al-Fatiha. 📚 [ طبقات القراء - ابن الجَزري ٢ / ١٠٥ ]
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    Is Music Haram?

    Is Music Haram? Answer By Mufti Menk: "If you take a look at music, I know there are many scholars of late who say no, there's nothing wrong. Even those, and I want to clarify something at the start before we get to what my son here has asked. The truth is even if we look at some scholars who...
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    When is Backbiting allowed?

    When is backbiting allowed?-Yasir Qadhi What constitutes backbiting and when is backbiting allowed? So, Backbiting has been defined by the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad PBUH Zikruka akhaka bima yakra “To mention something about your brother behind his back, that he doesn’t like to be...
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    Celebrities who revert to Islam

    Muhammad Ali while giving an Interview, discusses why he changed his name from Cassius Clay and reverted to Islam. Interviewer: What attracted you then to Islam in the first instant? Muhammad Ali: Muslim region, it’s the true teachings of Elijah Muhammad right there in America and Powerstroke...
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    Hadees Of The Day

    Narrated by Anas bin Malik The Messenger of Allah (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) said, Whoever avoids lying while he is doing so falsely, a house will be built for him on the skirts of Paradise. Whoever avoids arguing while he is in the right, a house will be built for him in its midst. And whoever...
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    اَلۡحَمۡدُ لِلّٰہِ الَّذِیۡ لَہٗ مَا فِی السَّمٰوٰتِ وَ مَا فِی الۡاَرۡضِ وَ لَہُ الۡحَمۡدُ فِی الۡاٰخِرَۃِ ؕ وَ ہُوَ الۡحَکِیۡمُ الۡخَبِیۡرُ (1 - سبا) English translation: [All] praise is [due] to Allah, to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, and to Him belongs...
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    What's it like to be a Muslim in Japan?

    Watch how is it like to live in Japan as a muslim
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    Islam in Africa

    Watch the history of Islam in Africa by Zeinab Badawi
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    99 Names of Allah

    The 99 names of Allah by Sami Yusuf
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    Calming and relaxing quran

    Soothe your soul with this beautiful quranic tilawat.