1. ranarehman

    Can a woman wear cosmetics in Ihram?

    Ihram is the first requirement of Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. Pilgrims must enter this state after purifying their bodies, dressing appropriately, and taking the necessary steps before crossing the Miqat.
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    Can you wear sunglasses in Ihram?

    The Arabic verb Harama, which means “to be forbidden,” is the root of Ihram. Before starting the pilgrimage journey, a person must enter the state of Ihram. You can demonstrate this state of purity by wearing unique white clothing.
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    Can a woman wear socks in Ihram?

    According to Sharia, it is permissible for a woman to wear socks while in the state of Ihram. There is nothing wrong with this for ladies. However, men cannot wear socks in the holy state of Ihram. Read more: Can a woman wear socks in Ihram?
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    Can a woman wear shoes in Ihram?

    According to Sharia, it is permissible for women pilgrims to wear shoes while they are in Ihram. Because covering their feet is a part of their hijab. However, a man cannot wear shoes that completely or mostly cover his feet. Read more: Can a woman wear shoes in Ihram?
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    What are the Four Rituals of Umrah

    The word Umrah is a journey to Mecca. All Muslims should perform Umrah at least once in their lifetime due to Sunnah. Sunnah means an action that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) performed in his life. Read more: What are the Four Rituals of Umrah
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    Can you use an umbrella for shade in Ihram?

    According to Sharia, it is not permissible for a man to cover his head with a turban, hat, or any other piece of clothing. However, if he covered his head with a piece of clothing or an umbrella to protect him from the sun’s heat or the rain, there is nothing wrong. Read more: Can you use an...
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    Can you use deodorant in Umrah?

    During the whole Umrah, you have to wear Ihram. Once you enter the state of Ihram, certain rules of this minor pilgrimage apply to you. One rule is that a Muslim is not permitted to apply scents products to his body or his robe while he is in the state of Ihram. Read more...
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    What should ladies wear for Hajj?

    Unlike men, which have a particular white dress for Ihram state, ladies have not. Ladies are not advised to wear any particular dress for Hajj. They are free to wear any clothing for the Ihram state. But that whole dress should be according to Islamic tradition. The dress should cover the whole...
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    Can you wear a bag in Ihram?

    A bag is a container having one or two handles for holding things in it. It is a storage sack made of leather, plastic, cloth, etc. that can carry things in it. Or it can be an object that corresponds to a pouch. By entering the state of Ihram, you must have to follow some rules. When someone is...
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    Can I enter into Ihram before Miqat?

    Miqat is the location where pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah take Ihram. Here are five places of Miqat. While passing through any of the five places, you can wear your Ihram dress. Read more: https://www.visitstimes.com/can-i-enter-into-ihram-before-miqat/