1. ranarehman

    What is the most important thing in Hajj?

    One of the most significant days and things in the Islamic calendar, and not just for the Hajj, is the Day of Arafah. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his final sermon on Mount Mercy in Arafat. Pilgrims travel nearly 14 kilometres from Mina, where they spend the day in pious prayer. Read...
  2. ranarehman

    Can you do Umrah without cutting your hair?

    According to Sharia, a pilgrim must shave his head or cut his hair after Tawaf and Sa’i. If he does not do this, he should slaughter a sheep and distribute its meat to the needy. Men can either shave their heads or trim their hair after Umrah. However, women can only cut their hair. Read More...