Can we experience snow falling in Saudi Arabia?


We know that Saudi Arabia is very famous for its arid and hot weather. But, there are many parts of this country that have a lot of snow falling during the winter. Abha, Tabuk, Arar, and Rafha are included in these snowy regions of Saudi Arabia.

Travellers can enjoy several things, as long as snow falls during a visit to Saudi Arabia, by booking their December Umrah Packages because December and January are the coldest months in Saudi Arabia.
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December is the perfect time to travel to Makkah for Umrah and there are multiple reasons behind this one of the main reasons is that it is the holiday season. December is the holiday season for many countries in Europe and America because of some events and Muslims can take advantage of this. It is very obvious that they cannot take long holidays during working days so they can’t visit Makkah but in December because of the holidays, they can visit Makkah by getting December Umrah packages 2023.