Celebrities who revert to Islam


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Muhammad Ali while giving an Interview, discusses why he changed his name from Cassius Clay and reverted to Islam.

Interviewer: What attracted you then to Islam in the first instant?

Muhammad Ali: Muslim region, it’s the true teachings of Elijah Muhammad right there in America and Powerstroke and nobody will challenge you and the history of ourselves. The history of our true religion, our nationality, our names. See we don’t have our names, you know. I know how proud you all are, proud of your names. See Chinese have names like cheng, Chong, Lu Chen. Russians have names like Kosygin, Khrushchev. You got names like O’Connor or Grady or Kennedy and Africans have names like Cut Lumumba or EnzoKohle. Jews got names like Weinstein and GoldBurdon and Italians have names like Dundee and Benvenuti. But have names like Hawkins and Smith and Jones and Johnson. We are black.

Interviewer: these are the slave names.

Muhammad Ali: Yes, I know the truth, the history. So, Muhammad Ali is a beautiful Black name. name of our ancestors. So, when I heard this, I just had to walk out of the church. Because Christianity, they never taught us true knowledge.