Islam, Human Values and today’s infrastructure of nations


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Societies are built on the human attitude. No matter, how profound infrastructure you have but you’re a complete failure if you fail to have basic human values. Meanwhile choosing my All inclusive umrah packages , I encountered the person who lacked the politeness. Anyways, I had no other option and I switch to the other company and booked my Umrah with Muslims Holy travel. Moving on, human values have been most emphasized in Islam. From the beginning till now, every Islamic scholar has promoted the morals and human values.

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Islam has been the complete code of life. From economic stability to the human behaviours, every topic of lie is covered in this religion. Every matter is provided with the solution, there is a book of guidance and the references from the followers of Prophet (PBUH). judging, stabbing and disrespecting is not the part of Islam in any circumstances. Muslims are advised to be kind, loveable and humble to the fellows. It is the religion of peace and harmony, charity, tolerance and respecting others is one of the essential traits of it. Muhammad (PBUH) was mocked up by many enemies but he stood to what was right and spread the Islam with patience and dignity.

Right now the world has been dragged to the destructive stage and the main reason for its destruction is human behaviours. We have lost interiority at all. Our whole system is based on lies and manipulation. Each of us is habitual of running from the truth and finding comfort in the comforting lies. The problem is that this infrastructure of building nations has weak foundations and you can’t build a tall building on these destructive elements. We are more inclined towards the luxury, outer charm but nobody has given a second thought for inner charm.

You can see imposters, murderers, the system is going on without any check and balance. The whole game is of benefits and nobody is bothered enough to question this kind of issues. There more war and no peace. No one even talks about bringing the peace of the world back. Any petty issue can trigger the authorities and they won’t mind killing humanity.

However, I think it’s high time that we all should have a look at our inner personalities. To achieve something great in terms of money or fame, we don’t mind stooping low. This world is not permanent, you’re not going to live forever then why can’t we just be kind and humble? Why wee even need the guidance on humanity lessons? The inner charm of someone’s personality is always rewarded. People with outer charm can get to the ladder or maybe they reach their goal but their fall is ultimate. Remember, the bad intentions are not going to take you anywhere, only people who are still alive in the hearts are those with kind attitudes and the ones with the greatest sense of humanity.

You can choose your luxury Umrah Packages or go for the Hajj tours almost every year but if you don’t know to be kind and patient, it’s never going to help.