Traveling To Turkey? Don't Do these Things There!


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Are you traveling to Turkey?
Then you must know that it is the land of immense beauty, fantastic culture, and the friendliest people.
Here's a really fun guide to not put yourself in trouble or embarrassing moments!
1. Do not say Greek Yogurt
Do you know that The word YOGURT itself is a Turkish word. By saying Greek Yogurt you may sound stupid to them.
2. Do not enter homes with your shoes
We should respect every culture's values and traditions. It's one of the cultural practices in Turkey to put shoes off when entering someone's house. You can wear the home slippers to follow the etiquettes and feel more welcomed without annoying anyone.
3. Do not look at somebody's eye for more than two seconds if that person is a complete stranger to you. Because you might offend someone or make them uncomfortable.
4. Do not pick a restaurant that doesn't provide you a menu
Because when you finish the meal and see the menu, you'll be surprised. We don't like such surprises right! Street food is an exception in this case.
5. Do not forget to bargain
In places like the grand Bazar or small places or shops in the streets, the shopkeepers give you a high price, and it's normal to bargain. Make sure to end up on a mutually beneficial deal!
6. Avoid wearing high heels in Istanbul
It's not a cultural thing but a rather painful thing to wear high heels as its so uncomfortable to walk in them.
7. Do not trust the Taxi drivers
You must know the shortest route as people usually end up being scammed and billed more than they expect. Use a google map to know the routes.
8. Avoid Shopping in Touristy Areas
This is because the tourists are more likely to get overcharged there and stuff is quite expensive. Such places are the Taksim square, blue mosque area, etc.


Source: Aladdin's Turkey


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