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    Top six Key Planning Tips for visiting Saudi Arabia

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to tourists from 50 countries. It’s one of the world’s easiest e-visa processes and a constantly growing tourism infrastructure. Nowadays, there has been a significant amount of interest in visiting Saudi Arabia.
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    The Holy Places to Visit in Makkah

    Every year, millions of Muslim pilgrims travel to the holy city of Makkah. It is the most sacred and honourable place on earth for Muslims. The Holy Kaaba, which is the most famous site on Earth, is situated in Makkah. Muslims worship five times a day in front of the Kaaba, which serves as their...
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    Can we use deodorant before Ihram?

    Before entering Ihram, it is permissible for a pilgrim to apply deodorant to the body. However, he cannot use it after wearing Ihram attire because this product contains a strong fragrance.
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    Can I brush my teeth in Ihram?

    According to Islamic rules and regulations, it is permissible for pilgrims to brush their teeth in Ihram. There is nothing wrong with using toothpaste because its components overwhelm the fragrance, but it is better to avoid it. Pilgrims should use Miswak instead of toothpaste because it is the...
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    What is the best time to visit Mecca?

    Mecca is a well-known holy city that doesn’t require an introduction. The sacred places like Masjid Haram and the Kaaba make it more famous. It’s the capital city of the Mecca region of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, it’s the birthplace of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Other than non-Muslims...
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    The Holy Places to Visit in Madinah

    Madinah is the second-oldest city in Saudi Arabia for Muslims. It is about four hours away from Makkah. The city is rich in Ziyarat and is home to important attractions.
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    Can you wear sunglasses in Ihram?

    The Arabic verb Harama, which means “to be forbidden,” is the root of Ihram. Before starting the pilgrimage journey, a person must enter the state of Ihram. You can demonstrate this state of purity by wearing unique white clothing.
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    Why do Muslims give importance to performing Umrah in Ramadan?

    Performing Umrah in Ramadan is preferable to performing Umrah in other months. Numerous narrations encourage Muslims to do Umrah in it, and also emphasize its rewards and merits.
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    Can you talk during Tawaf?

    According to Shariah, there is no problem in talking about religion or any need during Tawaf. However, pilgrims should avoid this while circumambulating the Kaaba as this ritual implies humility, sincerity, and submission to God.
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    What Should I Take With Me To Umrah?

    Millions of Muslims perform Umrah as a great form of worship. It is the lovely Sunnah of Messenger Muhammad (PBUH). The primary purpose of this holy journey is to atone for major misdeeds and seek forgiveness from Allah (SWT).
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    Why do we cut our hair after Umrah?

    The act of trimming the hair signifies the rejection of worldly belongings and submission to Allah Almighty. Additionally, it is a requirement for a pilgrimage to Mecca. If a person does not do this act, he must slaughter a goat to atone for it and distribute its meat to poor people.
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    The History of Al Nabawi Mosque

    It is a rare wish of every Muslim to visit the Al Nabawi Mosque at least once in a lifetime. There is a strong possibility that you will not forget to visit here during your visit to Saudi Arabia.
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    Can a woman wear gloves in Ihram?

    According to Sharia, it is not permissible for both men and women to wear gloves while they are in Ihram. If they perform this act for a long time, they must slaughter a goat for atonement and distribute its meat to the poor. They must, however, give charity to a needy person for a short time...
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    Can you wear slippers during Tawaf?

    According to Sharia, it is permissible for pilgrims to wear slippers during Tawaf. However, male pilgrims cannot wear shoes that completely or mostly cover their feet. Women can wear shoes during Hajj or Umrah, as covering their feet is part of their hijab. Read more: Can you wear slippers...
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    What should a woman pack for Umrah?

    As we know, Muslims from all around the world want to perform Umrah, whether they are men or women. This holy and magnificent pilgrimage, a beautiful experience, should be completed stress-free. The first step in carrying out this sacred journey is proper planning and preparation. Many things...
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    Why do Muslims shave their heads after Umrah?

    The act of shaving the head after Umrah represents renunciation of material possessions and submission to Allah (SWT). It is also an obligatory act of a holy trip to Mecca. If a person does not perform this act, he must slaughter a sheep to atone for it and distribute its meat to the needy. Read...
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    Can I wear a backpack in Ihram?

    According to Sharia, it is permissible for pilgrims to wear a backpack while in the state of Ihram. There is nothing wrong with this for them. They can carry their money and other possessions in it. Read more: Can I wear a backpack in Ihram?
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    What are the top 5 most visited places in Saudi Arabia?

    Saudi Arabia is a monarchy in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in 1932 by Ibn Saud, who became king after his forces overthrew the Kingdom of Hejaz in 1924. Read more: What are the top 5 most visited places in Saudi Arabia?
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    What should a woman wear for Umrah?

    According to Sharia, the requirements for women’s clothing for Umrah are less strict than those for men. Ladies can wear whatever they want to achieve the state of Ihram as long as they are neat and clean. They should wear long, loose-fitting attire that is simple and cover their hair with a...
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    Can men perform Taqsir?

    According to Sharia, male pilgrims are permitted to perform taqsir (trimming the hair) after completing a sacred pilgrimage to Mecca. You must have to know this before booking your Umrah and Hajj Packages. However, it is preferable to shave the head because its reward is much higher than cutting...