10 Famous people who reverted to Islam in 2020


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Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world.
A list of 10 famous people who reverted to Islam in 2020
1. Jay Palfrey
Jay is a young youtube whose journey towards Islam started when he decided to travel the world. He traveled to countries like Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, etc.
That's how he learned about Islam and different Muslim cultures. He started believing the oneness of Allah and Islam's message of peace. He posted his video of taking Shahada on his youtube channel in August 2020.
2. Wilhem Ott
This 38-year-old Australian MMA fighter shared the news about his conversion to Islam on
April. According to him, the pandemic helped him find faith. According to him, in the darkest of times, the Islamic faith gave him strength.
3. Montana Loane
Inspired by Wilhelm Ott this 25-year-old rugby player embraced Islam in 2020. According to him, it's amazing that how guidance can come from somewhere unexpected.
4. Lwazi Sbu
Lwazi Sbu Lalendle, born in South Africa he started his journey by uploading his reactions to different youtube videos. He was also seen reacting to the video of Mufti Menk and Zakir Naik. Little did he knew that he was being influenced by them. Thus, he took his shahada and posted a video on Youtube of his inspiring journey.
5. Daud Kim
Daud is a famous Korean youtube with a large fan following. He accepted Islam. According to him, his life was full of darkness but he eventually found Islam that gave him immense peace.
6. Rebeka Koha
Latvian weight lifter athlete said that she is very happy with her conversion. She said that she is very blessed to have found the right path.
7. Silvis Romano
She is an Italian woman and wasn't a famous personality before conversion. She was an aid worker and was abducted in Kenya. After her release, she converted to Islam and claimed that her conversion was solely her personal decision.
8. Young'sworld
Through youtube, Young announced his conversion to Islam. He said that he was looking for some answers that Islam was able to give him. "I believe it was God's will," Young said.
9. Ellie Quin
She is a famous British travel blogger who announced her conversion to Islam on Youtube. She makes regular videos about her journey of finding Islam.
10. Rosie Gabrielle
Rosie is a very famous solo Canadian traveler. She posted the story of her conversion on an Instagram post where she paid accolades to Pakistan and its people who helped her get rid of the pain she was going through for many years. She thinks that Allah brought her to Pakistan for a reason and she has been residing in Pakistan since then.
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