Companions of the heart 💞


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Companions of the heart, for the soul for the mind.
Who is it?
The one who encourages you in bitter time, who console your heart, make you fell a treasure for all, a handfull hand. Is this all?
No, he was more than that, close to Our Prophet مُحَمَّد ﷺ, showed his position and excellnce to our Prophet (P.B.U.H). He was a friend to Our last Prophet مُحَمَّد ﷺ who was declared by Allah Almghty himself.
Do you know about which Sahabi-e-RasooI ﷺ I am talking about?
Yes.. you are right. He is Abu Bakar Sadiq (R.A). His name was Abdullah. 1st Caliph of Islam. The Real Companion. 💝