Confessing a serious mistake.

Here's my story,
As mentioned in the article above peer pressure is one of the most manipulating factors to a haram relationship, It was same with me. My friend engaged in a haram relationship and I became jealous, when even though he did not looked happy, he exclaimed that it has not effected him any way neither mentally nor religiously, therefore me being not mature enough started my quest for girls to chat, it started out simple and I started following girls on Insta and wanted to talk to.most of them and I stumbled upon one too. First of all she had no intentions of engaging in relationship but i forced that due to my desire to be in one and forecd her to think about me and care about me. I actually don't love her. I still dont know what love is and see myself as a idot to do this, to confess just beacuse of mere jealousy despite knowing that this is worng. She even told me that we should not go towards this path but I forced on my desire. Its been 2 months and I am hating this. I waste most of time chatting, My screen time has quadrupled, I cannot give my parents enough time, enagage in other sins such as lying, have no actual motivation of studying or working out. But then i realized all of this when recently I was praying and I felt as though I had no intention of praying or wasnt feeling at peace as I used to whilst praying. I cried so much that night. I now have no motivation to visit the mosque or read the quran or do anything actually and I am well aware that why all of this is happening.
But how heres my question, how can tell her to leave?as I have said that she cares about me and thinks about me all the time and now I have forced her to like me because of stupidness and immaturity through luvy duvey texts and what not. Therefore I beleive most of it is my mistake and now I want to get out. I have thought about blocking her and also lying to her to convince her to leave but even though I dont truly like her or am emotionally attached to her I dont want to break her heart and confess that I was wrong