From My dear beloved son/ daughter by Imam Ghazali

Adeel Riaz

“Laqad Hatafet Fi Junhil Laili Hamamatun ‘Ala Funanin Wahnun Wa Inni Na’imun Kazabtu Wa Baitil Allahi Lau Kuntu ‘Aashiqan Lama Sabaqatni Bil Buqa’il Hamaaimun Wa Az’amu Anni Haa’imun Zu Sababatin Lahu Bi Wa La Abki Wa Tabkil Bahaaimun.” “At night, the dove sitting on the branch [of a tree] is calling on [to its Lord] While I am in a deep sleep By the Lord of the House of Allah (Ka’aba)! I am a liar! If I had been a true lover [of Allah] Then the doves would not have won over me in weeping [in the pain of separation from my Beloved (Allah)! Alas! I do not even wet my eyes [with tears] while claiming to love [my Beloved Lord!] While the animals keep weeping [in their love for their Creator].”