How would you describe tajweed online?


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Al Azhar University, founded in 1191, is the most important university in the Arab world. It is the oldest university in the Islamic world and a center of Sunni Islamic learning. al azhar arabic is a world known educational institute in egypt. It was founded by Sheikh Al-Azhar in 970AD. The school has around 200 universities with a total of 10 million students and graduates in every field of study including engineering, medicine, law, science, and business administration. The school has 5 main campuses in the world and has established branch colleges all over the world.

The al-azhar arabic is a well known international college that provides services for students in the Arab world. The institution is dedicated to promoting the teaching of Islamic sciences in the Arabic language. In addition to its Arabic programs, the al-azhar institute also offers English programs to students who would like to study abroad or in a country where English is spoken.

How would you describe tajweed online?​

Online tajweed classes are for those who are willing to learn tajweed from anywhere they want.

What's the difference between an online tajweed class and a regular tajweed class?​

In an online tajweed class, it's like having a one-on-one tutor who has a lot of knowledge and experience in tajweed. They can help you with everything from learning how to read the Qur'an to learning to perform tajweed.

Can you tell me more about the advantages of tajweed classes online?​

Yes. First, you can learn tajweed from home without being in the presence of other people.

How can one learn tajweed?​

There are two ways to learn tajweed, either from an online class or through live instruction. There are many tajweed classes on YouTube. If someone wants to learn to speak Arabic, I recommend learning the Arabic language first and then moving to tajweed. Tajweed is a difficult language and requires dedication.

Is there any special curriculum for the online class?​

There is no special curriculum for the online class. You just have to practice the Arabic alphabet and pronounce all of the words correctly in order to move forward.

Will the online class help me become fluent in Arabic?​

It depends on how hard you work on your own. If you want to improve your Arabic, it's better to learn it by yourself than to take an online class.

What are some tips to learn how to read Quran?​

Tips include getting used to the Arabic alphabet and learning to pronounce the letters correctly. Another tip is to learn to memorize the Quran. Learning to listen to the Quran is another important part of learning how to read the Quran.

What are the benefits of learning how to read Quran online?​

Online Quran classes can be very helpful for those who live in remote areas and are not near an institute where there are qualified instructors.

How did you come up with the idea of offering online Quran classes?​

My husband was a professor of religious studies and he taught me how to read the Quran. He taught me that there is a difference between reading Quran and understanding it.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I like Arabic Grammar for Beginners very much. However, I do have some suggestions for improvement.

1. I think the first lesson could be more detailed and comprehensive. The examples are helpful, but they are not enough.

2. I don’t see any reference for grammar rules in the text. It’s like a dictionary of grammar rules that has no pictures.

3. I would also recommend more lessons like the ones we have been studying. It is good to learn from many sources and different types of materials.

4. The video quality was poor. Sometimes, when we watch a video on our smart devices, the audio is not clear. I noticed that it was more audible in my computer than on my phone.


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If you want to learn Quran Online, these are my advice to Choose The Best Online Quran Classes:
Consider the following:
Look for An Accredited Online Quran School

Select The Academy That Has The Best Qualified, Professional Teachers

Look for The Academy That Provides A Free Trial Class

Know How Flexible The Place Is

Search for The Class That Is Designed to Deal with Various Learning Systems And Styles

Search for The Academy That Has Interesting Programs for Children

The Chosen Class Must Have Certain Quran Teaching Programs