Is Music Haram?


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Is Music Haram?

Answer By Mufti Menk:

"If you take a look at music, I know there are many scholars of late who say no, there's nothing wrong. Even those, and I want to clarify something at the start before we get to what my son here has asked. The truth is even if we look at some scholars who might have said that you know music is permissible. They are not talking about the beat of today.

Today's beat is definitely excluded. There is no Muslim scholar on earth that allows you to listen to Beyonce, Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc. That is completely out. Because no.1 that is dirty, filthy, the lyrics are horrible, terrible. They encourage you to shake your body, shake your thing, as they say.

May Allah forgive us, you are sexually hyped up. It moves you to the point and the peak, where the dirtiness of this music industry has gotten to such a peak that the Christians and the Jews who are following are also saying it's prohibited. Not just the Muslims.

It’s a dirty industry, ask those who are in it. When you hear the music, you hear about how to attract the opposite sex. It's all about dirty emotions.

"At home, you are not happy, you go to work and see someone you are working with and you are busy thinking ooo music fits exactly here."

Things are happening, people are tempering with our minds. Whereas we have the melody of the Quran. The revelation that Allah (s.w.t) has given us. Something great and grand, we should not substitute the Quran with that."