Noorani Qaida: A Basic Book to Learn Quran


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Noorani Qaida is a simple booklet that teaches the basics of reading the Quran. It is designed for Muslims of any age, from kids to adults, who want to learn how to pronounce the Arabic letters and words correctly. Noorani Qaida is also known as Madani Qaida or Qaida Noorania.

What is Noorani Qaida and who can learn it?​

Noorani Qaida is a book that contains 32 lessons that cover the following topics:

  1. The Arabic alphabet and its shapes
  2. The vowel signs (harakat) and their sounds
  3. The tanween (double vowels) and their sounds
  4. The sukoon (absence of vowel) and its effect
  5. The shaddah (doubling of consonant) and its effect
  6. The maddah (elongation of vowel) and its rules
  7. The hamzah (glottal stop) and its rules
  8. The rules of noon sakinah and tanween (when to hide or show the sound of “n”)
  9. The rules of meem sakinah (when to hide or show the sound of “m”)
  10. The rules of laam sakinah (when to hide or show the sound of “l”)
  11. The rules of raa (when to make it heavy or light)
  12. The rules of waqf (stopping or pausing at the end of a word or verse)
Noorani Qaida is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to read the Quran with proper pronunciation and tajweed (the art of reciting the Quran according to the rules). It does not require any prior knowledge of the Arabic language or grammar. It is especially helpful for non-Arabic speakers who want to learn how to read the Quran in a very easy way.

Why learn Noorani Qaida?​

Learning Noorani Qaida has many benefits, such as:

It helps to develop a strong foundation for reading the Quran with accuracy and fluency
It helps to avoid common mistakes and errors in reading the Quran
It helps to improve one’s understanding and appreciation of the Quran
It helps to increase one’s confidence and motivation in reading the Quran
It helps to prepare one for further studies of tajweed and Quran memorization

What is the best way to learn Noorani Qaida?​

The best way to learn Noorani Qaida is to study it with a qualified teacher who can guide and correct one’s pronunciation and tajweed. One can also use online resources such as websites, apps, videos, audios, etc. that offer Noorani Qaida lessons and exercises. However, one should always verify the authenticity and quality of these resources before using them.

One should also practice reading the Noorani Qaida regularly and consistently until one masters all the lessons and rules. One should also review what one has learned frequently and revise any difficult or unclear points. One should also seek feedback and advice from one’s teacher or other experienced readers.

How to learn Noorani Qaida online?​

Quran Sheikh Institute: This website offers a well-designed Noorani Qaida course for free for visitors to read it online at home. It also offers Noorani Qaida online classes with English and Arabic teachers. One can download the complete Noorani Qaida in PDF format from this website


Noorani Qaida is a basic book that teaches the fundamentals of reading the Quran with proper pronunciation and Tajweed. It is suitable for Muslims of any age who want to learn how to read the Quran in a very easy way. It has many benefits for one’s religious and spiritual growth.
Learn noorani qaida online is a convenient and effective way to access quality lessons and resources. However, one should always seek guidance and feedback from a qualified teacher and practice regularly and consistently to master Noorani Qaida and read the Quran with accuracy and fluency.


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I agree! Noorani Qaida is super important for learning the Quran. I learned it with eQuran Tuition and it helped a lot. They teach really well online and make Quran learning easy. It is highly recommended for everyone to learn Noorani Qaida before learning Quran because it is the base to learn Quran easily.